Refugees Welcome in Grandview-Woodland

Resolution of the Grandview-Woodland Area Council, September 9, 2015.

Whereas: Millions are seeking asylum, fleeing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and often suffering and even dying in the process.

Whereas: Grandview-Woodland is a neighbouhood built by and for immigrants from all over the world. The presence of diverse communities is part of what makes Grandview-Woodland a good place to live. Neighbours have always welcomed refugees here.

Whereas: Organizations like Mosaic and Kinbrace have built a robust refugee settlement and services infrastructure in the neighbourhood.

Whereas: The City of Vancouver’s Local Area Plans for Grandview-Woodland anticipate growth in the area’s population over the coming years.

Be it Resolved That: Grandview-Woodland Area Council is shocked at the deaths that have taken place in this crisis and is moved to speak out in solidarity with refugees. Refugees are welcome in Grandview-Woodland. Grandview Woodland Area Council stands in solidarity with organizations seeking to sponsor and settle refugees in East Vancouver.

Be if Further Resolved That: GWAC urges organizations and residents who are able to sponsor refugees from the region to do so.