How to Present and Write to Vancouver City Council

1.  Presenters are welcome to speak to council at designated times (Wed, July 27th is the time for the draft Grandview-Woodland Community Plan).

2.  Presenters must register if they wish to have their name put on a speakers’ list.

3.  You can register by contacting: or by calling 311 and asking for the City Clerk’s office and specifying which meeting you wish to present to.   

The email address for the City Clerk is

The meeting agenda can be found at:
DATE: Wednesday, July 27, 2016  TIME: 9:30 am  PLACE: Council Chamber Third Floor, City Hall (453 W 12th Ave)  Staff report: link available here

Note: No requests are usually taken after the Council Committee meeting starts.

In your request provide:

  • Your full name
  • The date and type of meeting you want to speak at
  • The agenda item number and title you want to speak about

4.  Speakers have up to five minutes to present their remarks.

5.  Presenters can speak with or without notes.  They can also bring a power point presentation if they wish.  Bring it on a USB key.
If you are not used to public speaking, notes are advisable.

6.  Key elements of any presentation are:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your concern or objection?
  • How does this matter affect you personally?
  • What do you wish council to do?
  • Express your concern and passion about the matter and show that you care.

7.  Don’t be intimidated.  The council members are elected by the people to represent the people.  It’s your right to be there and make your views known.

8.  Council members may ask you questions.  You should not feel obliged to answer unless you wish to. 

It’s perfectly OK to say that you don’t know the answer to any question you may get asked. Or you may answer if you feel comfortable. 

9. Keep your tone respectful.

10.  If you wish to send a letter, use email.  Every piece of correspondence becomes part of an official record. Do NOT use as this will only result in a synopsis being sent.    

Direct your emails individually or as a group to:


City Staff will be presenting a report to Council on the previous day (Tuesday, July 26th); however, speakers will be only heard at the Wednesday Committee meeting. A video feed of the meeting will be available at this link.