Public Hearing June 26th: 4-storey area-wide rezoning, East 11th Avenue & Victoria (11-storey highrise)

The City of Vancouver has scheduled two items in the Grandview-Woodland planning area for the Public Hearing on Tuesday, July 26th, after 6pm at City Hall. Residents will have an opportunity to address Vancouver City Council at the time. The area-wide rezoning of parts of East 12th Avenue, East 1st Avenue, Garden Drive and Nanaimo Street is one of the items.

The GWAC Public Meeting Summary from Monday, 7 May 2018 has more information about this mass rezoning that will allow up to 4-storey buildings and a FSR of 1.7 outside of commercial zones for lot assemblies of 4 or more standard parcels. The area-wide rezoning contains a number of changes from the plan, including expanding the Nanaimo Street Shopping nodes by several blocks and to rezone these blocks as mixed commercial (C-2 zoning with a maximum 4-storey 45′ height, 2.5FSR).

The other item is a rezoning for an eleven storey highrise at East 11th Avenue and Victoria Drive. The City’s email notices are included below.

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1st and Clark Drive rezoning proposal – GWAC meeting June 4

A record of the GWAC meeting held on June 4, 2018 is available below. We’d like to thank all those who attended and shared a variety of opinions on the matter. With respect to the rezoning application, there’s an upcoming opportunity to give feedback directly to the City of Vancouver at an Open House on June 11th, 5 to 7:30 pm, at VCC, 1155 East Broadway, Building B, Room 1236 (access off East 7th Avenue and Glen Drive). An update: PDF files of the panels from the Open House have been posted on the City’s rezoning webpage ( CoV boardsapplicant team boards ). An online feedback form on the City’s webpage can be filled out to send in comments

GWAC Public Meeting
Monday, 4 June 2018
Learning Resource Centre (Britannia Library)
1st & Clark Detox and Affordable Housing Proposal
Special Guest Speakers and Contributors:
James Forsyth – Regional Director, BC Housing
Bonnie Wilson, – Director, Vancouver Coastal Health
Allison Dunnet – Senior Planner, Affordable Housing, City of Vancouver
Emme Lee – Development Manager, BC Housing
Mary Clare Zak – Managing Director, Social Policy & Projects, City of Vancouver
Smadar Levinson, – Manager, Vancouver Coastal Health
Ulrich Geissler, – Senior Project Design Architect, HDR | CEI Architects
Blaire Chishom – Vice President, Brook Pooni Associates
Dan Watson – Planner, Brook Pooni Associates
The meeting began at 7:06 pm
D. Cromie welcomed members of the public and special guests.

Community Announcements
June 2 FortisBc Open House Meeting Minutes (May 29, Croatian Cultural Centre) posted on line
June 5 City Council to Vote on Policy Reports on rezoning 11th & Victoria; Increase Housing Choice in GW (4 storeys), voting on the policy reports (could be referred to a future public meeting)
June 10 Italian Day on the Drive 12 to 8 pm
June 11 1st & Clark Health, Wellness, and Social Enterprise Centre Proposal Open House, 5 to 7:30 pm, Room 1236, Building B, 1155 E. Broadway (access off East 7th Avenue)
June 14 Grandview Garden Club. Learning Resource Centre, Britannia Library, 7 to 9 pm.
June 16 Great Grandview Garage Sale, 10 to 2 pm, across the GW neighbourhood. To register or to find the sales go to
June 17 Grandview Garden Tour, 10 to 4 pm. Tickets $15 (at Figaro’s). Ticket sales donated to the upkeep of the Napier Greenway, maintained by volunteers.
June 21 Grandview Heritage Group, 7 to 9 pm. Britannia Boardroom.

D. Cromie passed the floor to James Forsyth who went over the reasons and desperate need for a new detox facility, affordable housing, and social enterprise centre in Vancouver. He explained that the proposed location offers easy and convenient access to transportation links, services, and amenities and is close to downtown. The tripartite alignment (BC Housing, Coastal Health, and the City of Vancouver) offer a unique opportunity and allows a partnership that will provide best practices in housing and health. There will be 51 withdrawal beds, 20 of which are transitional beds; the current detox centre has 24 beds.

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Synopsis of FortisBC Open House (East 1st Avenue temporary closure)

FortisBC held an Open House on Tuesday, May 29th and provided additional details about the temporary closure of East 1st Avenue. GWAC was in attendance. For members of the public who were not able to attend the meeting, we’ve provided a synopsis of the meeting below.

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