Updated response to the proposal for 1st and Clark

Grandview Woodland Area Council
December 10, 2018

Owing to GWAC’s cautious position stated July 8, 2018, many residents in the community believe that GWAC supported this proposal as presented.

DETOX – GWAC supports community-based and community-scaled detox in all Vancouver neighbourhoods. GWAC does not support the conglomeration of several major detox facilities in Vancouver at this one location, and does not support the closing of two established detox centres, and does not support the subsequent reduction in number of beds from these closures.

HOUSING – GWAC supports the number of proposed housing units and area of the housing component of the project. GWAC supports housing built in conformance to the policy described in the section 6.4.2. of the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan.

SOBERING – GWAC supports sobering centres located in or near law enforcement facilities. GWAC does not support locating Vancouver’s only 24-hour sobering centre removed from police oversight. Because clients will be leaving this facility on foot, in a high-traffic area poorly served by transit, they will be at risk. As well, residents and businesses in the 1st and Clark neighbourhood are concerned about releasing City-wide clients on our community streets.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE – GWAC supports the creation of a Social Enterprise Centre. GWAC does not support using this proposed 3,700 square-foot facility to justify rezoning of industrial land protected in Section 6.4.4 of the Grandview Woodland Community Plan “The plan does not contemplate any land use changes in this industrial area”

GWAC sent the following letter to Vancouver City Council:
City of Vancouver Mayor and Council
December 10, 2018

Dear Mayor and Councillors

Please find attached Grandview Woodland Area Council’s updated position on the Housing, Detox, Sobering and Social Enterprise proposal for 1st Avenue and Clark Drive.

We trust that you will consider our position during consultation and decision making regarding this proposal.
If you have any questions, please let us know.

​Dana Cromie, President
Grandview Woodland Area Council