GWAC meeting April 1st

The next GWAC meeting is on Monday, April 1st, 7 pm at the Britannia Ice Rink Room.
Come out to meet the new GWAC Board and Executive. We expect some follow-up discussion of the AGM’s temporary modular housing presentation and to discuss future public meeting topics and local issues.


Recap: Temporary Modular Housing presentation, 2019 AGM

Special Guest Speakers: Patrick Beattie and Duncan Higgon
(Portland Hotel Society)        
Topic: Temporary Modular Housing 
The guests took the floor at 11:30 am. Duncan Higgon and Patrick Beattie are leads with the Portland Hotel Society’s Temporary Modular Housing (TMH) initiative. They were pleased to announce that in Vancouver, 660 units of supportive housing have come on line in the past year. Attempts to reduce progress-slowing red tape and bureaucracy have meant that it now takes nine to ten months to build units and to house people who need a medicalized environment. The key is to get people off the streets so that they may begin their recovery under supervised conditions.
PHS and other supportive housing advocates insist that shelter is the first step to wellness and that it is fiscally responsible to create supportive housing because spending $11 on housing SAVES $20 in the system.

(full minutes below, see section 5 for Guest Speakers and Q&A):​

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Special Panel Presentation on Temporary Modular Housing on March 17th, AGM

Patrick Beattie and Duncan Higgon from the Portland Hotel Society will be our Guest Speakers for a presentation on Temporary Modular Housing.

The AGM and guest presentation will take place on Sunday, March 17th, from 11:00 am to 1:45 pm, at Canuck Family Education Centre, 1655 William Street (the southern-most building in the Britannia complex on the north side of Grandview Park). Everyone is welcome to attend.

The announcement of the AGM was previously posted at this link: