Open House: 1425 and 1451 East 12th Avenue (two 6-storey buildings) on February 4th

The City of Vancouver will hold an Open House on Tuesday, February 4th regarding a rezoning proposal for two 6-storey buildings at 1425 and 1451 East 12th Avenue. The event will be held between 5 pm and 8 pm at 2776 Semlin Drive (Lakeview Multicultural United Church).

The proposal seeks to add 157 seniors housing units, with a floor area of 97,779 sq ft (2.56 FSR), a height of 68 ft (20.7m) and with 33 underground parking spaces.

Further details are available on the City’s rezoning centre:

Rezoning sign (above) and one of the existing buildings on the site at 1425 East 12th Avenue (below)