AGM March 7th with special guest speaker Michael Kluckner. A Century of Planning in Vancouver: From Bartholomew to City Plan

Michael Kluckner

A Century of Planning in Vancouver:
From Bartholomew to City Plan

Over 90 years ago Vancouver hired Harland Bartholomew & Associates to create Vancouver’s first city-wide plan, providing a template for the ambitious young city that was poised to amalgamate with two neighbouring municipalities to become the modern City of Vancouver. Automobile-oriented transportation and industrial growth were priority considerations.

Author, and Grandview-Woodland resident, Michael Kluckner will explore what was implemented, what worked and what did not, and track more recent changes in legislation and development, such as the vision for False Creek, condominium living and the push for compact communities in both the city and the region.

GWAC Annual General Meeting 
2:30pm, Saturday, March 7th,
Canucks Family Room

GWAC will report on the year’s activities & hold elections to to form a new Council. 

Call to order & establish quorum
Council Introduction
Approval of minutes of 2018 AGM
Directors’ Report
Treasurer’s Report
Transportation Committee Report
 Election to Council

We encourage all residents to consider standing for election to the Council.  If you care about: 

  • our neighbourhood & our neighbours,
  • proposed changes & their possible impacts,
  • ensuring concerns are addressed;
  • and wish to consider new ideas and initiatives for Grandview-Woodland,
    this is your opportunity to do so! 

Together in 2020/21 GW can achieve a meaningful and equitable neighbourhood to meet the demands of a growing City, but only if its residents are involved. You do not need special qualifications to stand for election only that you care about the future of Grandview Woodland. We encourage all community members to consider becoming a part of the Council, to represent its interests to the City and beyond. 

** In order to stand for election, or to vote on the election of Directors it is necessary to be a resident of GW and a registered  member of GWAC.  if you are not already registered as a member you may register  at the meeting as a  member by  signing in with your name, street address and email address; A sign-up table will be available at the front door to enroll new members and supply your ballot.  Please consider coming a bit early to avoid a line-up.


Recap: Record of Councillor Hardwick’s Feb 3rd meeting, Graphical Facilitation

The meeting on February 3rd was very well attended, and Councillor Hardwick went through a brief history of planning in Vancouver, followed by an open discussion. As a graphical record of the meeting, we are grateful for the kind assistance of Drawing It Out with Anika Barlow and Yolanda Liman. Donations were accepted for Kinbrace Refugee Housing & Support, a Registered Canadian Charity (thank you all for your generosity). To find out more about Drawing it Out, please go to (Twitter & Instagram): @yodrawingitout, Facebook: ).