Public Hearing 1766 Frances Street

February 11th, 2021 at 6pm
Vancouver City Council will be considering a proposal for a 9-story building at 1766 Frances. It’s your last chance to speak up and to make your voice heard. City Council will hear residents by phone only.
Sign up speak: or call 604-829-4238
Send in your letters: via the City’s web comment form
For more information on the Public Hearing, please go to the City’s website at
select: Get Agenda and Minutes, February 11th Public Hearing and to send comments choose: Send Comments to Council
Application details:
Note: the City is only looking at new correspondence on this rezoning.
If you’ve already written Council on this matter in the past, please consider writing again.


Affordable Housing Yes! Mega Towers No!

An avenue to voice your opinion, and gather more information on the proposed towers at the Safeway site at Commercial and Broadway.

Fight the Fortress!

  • These impersonal skyscrapers will spoil our neighbourhood, the tallest towering  over 340 feet high, equal to 39 storeys.  
  • The developer says they will be 30, 29 and 25 storeys tall – on TOP of the retail “plinth”. When the retail “plinth” – section – is taken into account, the building heights will be equal to 39, 34 and 30 storeys above ground level.
  • The Grandview Woodland Community Plan, which was passed in 2016 after painstaking consultation with the Grandview community, agreed to new housing in buildings ranging from 12 to 24 storeys at that Safeway site.
  • The Grandview Woodland plan calls for a generous, centrally-located public plaza.
  •  There is no real plaza – only a wide passage beside the noisy skytrain, all in shadow.  Bleak.

VERY LITTLE SOCIAL BENEFIT  20 non-market housing units is completely inadequate:
–for the massive size of the site
                  –for the height bonuses being requested
                  –for the city’s housing affordability crisis

There is a better design!

This previous design concept is more in keeping with what the community and City felt appropriate for this site.

Get Involved!

  • Tell the City what you think in this short survey
  • •Talk to friends and neighbours 
  • •Write letters of concern to Mayor and Council

The website includes a pre written letter to send to the Mayor and councillors, as well as a link to send to the organizers for more information.

Towards a More Equitable Housing System: Is Vancouver a City for Renters?

With the majority of the city’s residents living in rental housing, what does this mean for the next generation of Vancouverites? Or for seniors and families, for low-income, racialized and marginalized households, and for the many others who do not see a secure housing future in Vancouver?
How must the City of Vancouver think differently about housing and the housing market to better meet the needs of its residents, ensuring priority for those with the greatest need? And how can a new city-wide plan ensure the urgent and transformative change necessary to establish an equitable housing system?
Join us to discuss these questions at our free webinar on January 21, the second event in “The Future We Want: The Change We Need” series, hosted by the City of Vancouver in partnership with SFU Public Square, the SFU City Program, SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement and SFU Urban Studies.
Towards a More Equitable Housing System:
Is Vancouver a City for Renters?

Thursday, January 21
3 p.m.–5 p.m. PST
Speakers: Khelsilem (Squamish Nation Councillor), William Azaroff, Leilani Farha, Evan Siddall, Barbara Steenbergen, Andy Yan
Moderators: Kerry Gold, Meg Holden

​Register Here:

Centerm Community Fund application intake now open

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to inform you that we are now accepting applications for the third and last application intake period for the Centerm Community Fund. The Centerm Community Fund is a $500,000 fund for projects and programs run by organizations in the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona, Hastings-Sunrise, and Grandview-Woodland. Applications can be submitted until April 2, 2021.

Construction of the Centerm Expansion Project and South Shore Access Project has been underway since the summer of 2019. As part of this project, and our commitment to supporting local communities, the port authority, in collaboration with Centerm container terminal operator DP World, is donating $2 million to community organizations and initiatives in East Vancouver. 
For more information see the news release issued in July 2019.

Part of this donation included the creation of the $500,000 Centerm Community Fund to provide support for projects proposed by organizations in the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona, Hastings-Sunrise, and Grandview-Woodlands. This fund is one way we’re saying “thank you” to the community for your patience while significant construction is completed on the Centerm terminal and along the south shore of the Burrard Inlet.

During two previous rounds of funding, the port authority provided grants to 29 local organizations. The selection committee chose a variety of programs that support many people in our port city, including some of the most vulnerable—children, elders, low-income families, Indigenous peoples, unemployed, and newcomers to Canada—and contribute to enabling thriving communities over the long term. For a list of recipients, see our website.

Starting on January 5, 2021 until April 2, 2021, the port authority is accepting applications for the third and last round of funding. Applications must be received during the intake period to be considered. 

Organizations that submitted in previous intakes are welcome to re-apply.