Action Required for Nov. 2 Public Hearing!

Rental Rezoning Policy

RS Zones 6 Storey apartment buildings on arterials with 4 – 5 storeys off arterials (+ roof amenities up to 6 levels)

C2 shopping districts rezoned to 6 storeys for rentals

The city-wide rezoning policy that will affect 

neighbourhoods across the city 

It is an expansion from the previous rezoning policy that will now pre-approve rezoning schedules that will be implemented through a new rental-only legislation. This means that the rezonings will be much more frequent and allow for full block assemblies, even off arterials.

The public hearing agenda is now online and we need letters and speakers. 

The Public Hearing will be Nov. 2 at 6:00 pm!

What you can do:

1. Sign the Petition:

2. Send an email to Council: Even if you sent an email to Council before, please resend it by email NOW and through the online form so it will be counted in the public hearing. See contacts below. Go to our website for more information. 

3. Sign up to speak to council at the hearing by phoneNumbers of speakers matters. It is easy to speak by phone. Each person has 5 minutes, but you do not have to speak that long. Even just to say one sentence is OK. Sign up to speak here: 


Public Hearing Agenda:
Report for Public Hearing:

Eligibility Map:

Send email questions and comments to City staff:   

Emails to Council

AND submit through the online form so it counts in the public hearing: 

Reference Media:

Some of the many problems with this proposal are:

  • The public hearing combines two different types of rezonings, the amendments to C2 zoning schedules and the new rental rezoning schedules and policy areas, which makes this very confusing to the public. 
  • No mailed notification of affected properties for the public hearing so most people do not know this is happening.
  • Vancouver Plan basic planning is yet to be done regarding data and calibrating the Vancouver Housing Targets.
  • No meaningful consultation with residents while targeting special interests.
  • No neighbourhood-based planning, just arbitrarily imposed across the city without context
  • Proposed removal of Parking Bylaw minimum onsite parking requirements for new development means these projects will flood the surrounding area with vehicles and have no place for vehicle charging.
  • Loss of character houses and rental suites to demolition
  • Heritage buildings not exempted
  • The map that shows areas affected by the policy is symbolic only and it is confusing as to what properties are included or not
  • There has been no notification given to the properties that would be affected
  • Overrides Community Plans and Community Visions
  • Out of scale for the surrounding area at 6 storeys on arterials and 4 – 5 storeys off arterials (+ amenity roof & mechanical, physically 6 levels)
  • Will block public and private views
  • Allows up to full block assemblies for apartment buildings
  • Spot rezoning in RS detached houses that will overshadow adjacent area
  • Reduced front yard and rear yard, much larger footprint that shadows adjacent lots yards
  • The city is giving away too much for too little benefits – waiving of DCL & CAC fees
  • Lower or no onsite parking requirements and mostly unaffordable market rents
  • The proposal also allows 6 storeys in C2 commercial zones (+ amenity roof & mechanical)
  • Huge height and density increases to 6 storeys + with only 20% of units more affordable than market rates.
  • Expansion of the commercial districts in competition with already ailing neighbourhood shopping areas. The last thing the merchants and residents need, given the sorry state of the neighbourhood shopping areas, is more commercial floor space supply. Many shopping areas have up to 30%  commercial vacancy rates and many are struggling to survive.  More development increases land values and property taxes that prices them out.