Revised proposal has been submitted for the development of the Broadway Safeway Site 

The City is conducting a “virtual open house” until December 5th:

Get your comments in!

On the surface, this revised proposal fails to address any of the issues previously raised by GWAC and the community

The would-be “plaza” is still little more than a widened sidewalk serving Safeway, the luxury rental and condo suites are still a huge threat to affordability and the project design and heights still look nothing like the Grandview Woodland Community Plan

Our upcoming GWAC December Monthly Meeting will offer analysis of the latest proposal and invite community feedback

In the meantime, here is some analysis of the proposal
from our neighbours at NO MEGATOWERS AT SAFEWAY

“1. Plaza
The Grandview Woodland Community Plan says to “Create a new social heart for the community with a new civic plaza as part of a renewed Safeway site”. It refers to a “generous centrally located public plaza” and says the Skytrain area will be “centered on and oriented around a sunny, welcoming delightful and people-friendly civic plaza”.

Safeway refuses to have a store that is two levels. If it would do that, there would be more room for a proper public plaza. This plaza is intended to provide usable public space, as our neighborhood has few parks.

Part of what is included as in the “plaza” are stairs that actually run underneath the commercial building. Stairs to the courtyard, which is closed off to the public. The public looks at the courtyard from the “Belvedere” – stairs to nowhere.
See 5.11 and 5.13:

The Plaza has widened in size. It now technically maybe 20,000 sq feet but that includes stairs that run up underneath the commercial building, in darkness. Instead of stairs, the architects describe the stairs as “Vertical Circulation to Courtyard”!!

It seems this is because there are stairs that run beside higher steps that can be used as bleachers for viewing a movie. A movie screen up against the noisy Skytrain line!
On the drawings, the architects say that the area under the building at the top of the steps is an “area with reduced clear height”.

On page 13 (p. 133) of the Architectural Plans, one can see what the plaza really looks like, as opposed to what is in the “renderings”.

What happened to liveability? See pg 111 of the GW Plan:

2. Affordability
14% of the 653 suites are set aside as non-market suites; 20% of the rental units. None of the tenant suites will get parking spots. Just the condos! And 10 condos won’t get parking spots.

Breakdown of suites
171    studio apartments
258    1 bedroom
161    2 bedroom
57      3 bedroom

3. Tower Heights – actually increased.
The Grandview Woodland Community Plan calls 12-24 storeys with the highest forms to be near the cut. This proposal does not do that.

Even though the developers removed one story of residence, they increased the height of the retail plinth, and also have increased the height of what sits on the roof – the parapet, the architectural screen, and then the elevator shaft rising steeply above.
For example, in Tower A there are 11 meters (36 feet)  of height above the roof, whereas previously there was only 2.5 meters more in height.

The retail “plinth” for Tower A previously was 28.1 meters; it now stands at 29.6 meters. Equal to 10.8 standard residential storeys. Even on a commercial basis, it is equal to 8 storeys. It includes two mezzanine levels.

Tower A  
To Tip Top before was 105.6m, now is 113.3m – an increase of 7.7meters.  This translates to a height of 371.7 feet – or 41.6 residential storeys.
When you compare from ground to the rooftop, before and after, leaving out the height of all the stuff sitting on top of the roof, the height is now 102.3 meters – it previously was 103.1 meters.  So a reduction of 0.8 of a meter. But the problem is there are all kinds of stuff on top of the roof, going all the way around.

Tower B
To tip-top before was 91.75m; now is 101.6m – an increase of 9.85 meters. This equals 333.3 feet – 37 residential storeys.
To top of the roof before was 89.25m; now is 90.5m

Tower C
To tip-top before was 80.95m; now is 90.1m – an increase of 9.15 meters. This equals 295 feet – 33.1 residential storeys.
To top of the roof before was 78.45m; now is 78.15m  

4. Parking
205 residential spots. There are 215 condos, so 10 condos have no parking spot at all.
33 visitor spots
208 spots for commercial
12 car share
Bike parking for residents is three levels below ground at the very bottom of the parkade – active transportation at its best!

5. No daycare
Daycare space was removed from the revised proposal.
The GW Community Plan calls for a dramatic increase in childcare spaces here – 430 new childcare spaces.

6. Some Comments
This project is ugly and unwelcoming. The would-be “public plaza” is absurd. The heights are vastly out of line with the GW Community Plan. We welcome density, but this goes far beyond the scope of the plan: Grandview is already 18% denser and Cedar Cottage is 24% denser than the rest of the City and a density bomb of luxury rental and condo suites is a huge threat to neighborhood affordability.”