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The Future of Grandview Woodland –
Vancouver Neighbourhoods Under Attack
Monday, March 7th at 7:00PM

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“Grandview Woodlands and every other neighbourhood in Vancouver is under attack by all levels of government, but none more aggressive than Vancouver City Hall. In this presentation, long time Vancouver architect and urban designer Brian Palmquist, author of the “City Conversations” blog, outlines the defining issues: federally-encouraged projected Vancouver population growth that is somehow expected to be 2-1/2 times what it has been historically for all the time since Expo 86, and what that means for real versus “aspirational” housing supply; provincial threats to take away any local control over housing rezoning unless there is a massive increase in supply; and a lack of affordable Vancouver housing caused by lack of supply, the slowness of supply, the wrong kinds of supply or excessive supply from excessive spot rezoning (pick one!).
Assisted by local civic oversight blog, “CityHallWatch,” Brian has spent the last few months collecting by stealth and sweat the housing data that City Hall won’t make available, discovering that the current City Council has so far rezoned a 20-year supply of mostly unaffordable housing and has another 20-year supply, including for Grandview Woodlands more than 800 housing units already rezoned and more than 1,200 homes “in the pipeline,” with more than half of those at the Broadway and Commercial site. And that’s not including development within existing zoning, what planners call “existing zoned capacity” and which city management and staff have resisted disclosing for the past year, even to City Councillors.
Brian’s presentation concludes with positive suggestions about how to align affordable housing provision with neighbourhood aspirations, and a call to the action every neighbourhood needs to take in order to welcome new neighbours to the places we call home.”

Community Updates:
NO MEGATOWERS AT SAFEWAY wants to remind you all to encourage your friends and neighbours to submit their comments about the proposed development at the Safeway site. The developer has linked a new 3D Virtual Model of the development through their Shape Your City page. It seems to be hard to load, but they’re reportedly working on that issue.