Official Notice of the GWACAnnual General Meeting Saturday, April 2nd at 2PM

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Join us this month for our AGM – your chance to elect a new Board and help shape the future of Grandview Woodland

We’re so very excited to welcome this year’s
AGM Keynote Speaker – Andy Yan

In an uncertain era of rapidly rising land values and a dramatic loss of affordability, where is Vancouver headed?

How do we house our people and keep our vibrant neighborhoods intact? 

And what is in store for Grandview Woodland?  

For his insights into our present and future, join our special AGM keynote speaker Andy Yan.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Andy is the director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University and has a long and noted history as an analyst and commentator on urban regeneration, neighborhood development, public outreach, and more. 

Community Updates:

Broadway Plan – Towers Everywhere!

Last Chance for Input – Do the Survey Now

The City’s Broadway Plan proposes towers throughout without any meaningful neighborhood planning.

The plan covers 16th Ave. to 1st Ave., Arbutus St. (Vine) to Clark Dr., covering parts of Kitsilano, South Granville, Fairview, and Mt. Pleasant.

If the subway is extended to UBC, expect this kind of plan to also be extended to cover the rest of Kitsilano and all of West Point Grey.

The survey is only open until March 22, so, please  

Find the Plan & Survey Here:

  • To do the survey, click on the small blue button “Share Your Thoughts”

Issues to Consider:

The plan proposal: 

  • Allowing 6 to 18 story towers in low-density RT zones
  • Undermines character and heritage building retention incentives
  • Allowing up to 20 stories in existing walk-up 3-4 story apartment zones
  • Allowing up to 40 stories near stations and broadly around the area

General lack of planning principles: 

  • No meaningful neighborhood-based planning process
  • No proper planning for impacts of scale, parking, & infrastructure
  • Impacts the major view cones, shadowing parks
  • Development fees only cover a small number of actual costs of infrastructure and amenities, so property taxes cover the rest and will increase
  • Will displace existing more affordable rentals
  • No meaningful affordability measures as claimed
  • The City already has more development approved than required to meet future growth, so there is time to plan properly in each neighborhood
  • The proposal provides much more development than what can be justified to meet future growth

Vancouver Sun – March 12, 2022

  • Four of five leading mayoral candidates support the Broadway plan’s direction: independent Mayor Kennedy Stewart, who is running for re-election, Non-Partisan Association candidate John Coupar, Progress Vancouver’s expected nominee Mark Marissen, and A Better City’s Ken Sim.
    But Coun. Colleen Hardwick, who is seeking the nomination of TEAM for a Livable Vancouver, is critical of the plan and the subway project in general.”

CityHallWatch – March 15, 2022


GWAC Constitution


The name of the society is the Grandview Woodlands Area Council.

The purposes of the society are:

  1. To establish an organization to inform people, in a way that they will understand, of services and programs that are either available to them or being planned.
  2. To provide a forum for residents to express opinions and to take action on problems and needs of the Grandview-Woodland area.
  3. To promote fact-finding surveys and studies of Grandview-Woodland’s community needs and problems.
  4. To be aware and promote an awareness of local issues, to take action when necessary, and to represent the Grandview-Woodland area on both government and non-government decision-making bodies.
  5. To seek representation from and to cooperate with other groups in the area and adjacent areas.
  6. To take over the assets and liabilities and to carry on the affairs of the Grandview-Woodlands Area Council.
  7. To carry on the function of a non-profit information centre.