Broadway Plan goes to Council Wed. May 18th. Massive amounts of towers up to 40 storeys  

The proposed Broadway Plan sets the scale of Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, South Granville, and part of Kitsilano at station area development at 40 storeys with up to 20 storeys in low-density areas that are currently 2 – 4 storeys.

The Plan also proposes to repeal the current community plans throughout the area, plus all of Kitsilano and Mt. Pleasant.

These precedents would affect development expectations at all stations, including in Grandview at Commercial Dr., Rupert Station planning, and an extension to UBC, the rest of Kitsilano, WPG & Jericho Lands.

Broadway Plan model looking east from Vine St., by Stephen Buhus, BLA

Please email and/or speak to Council to oppose this proposal for the Broadway Plan. 

 The Council meeting is Wednesday, May 18 at 9:30 am!

What you can do:

1. Send an email to Council NOW and through the online form so it will be counted by staff. See contacts below. If you are OPPOSED say so upfront so it is counted as such.

2. Sign up to speak to the council at the hearing by phone: Numbers of speakers matter. It is easy to speak by phone. Each person has 5 minutes, but you do not have to speak that long. Even just to say one sentence is OK. Sign up to speak here:


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Broadway Plan Background:

The Plan covers 16th Ave. to 1st Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, South Granville, and part of Kitsilano to Vine St.
Plus it affects Grandview to Commercial Dr. which is following similar typologies.
Also the station area is currently in planning at Renfrew Station.

Base Housing Typologies:

  • Centers – Station Areas 30-40 stories
  • Centers – Shoulder Areas 20-30 stories
  • Villages – 4-6 stories
  • Residential – Existing Apartment Areas (currently 3-4 stories) up to 20 stories
  • Residential – Existing Low Density (Existing RT zones character house retention with multiple suites/infill) 6-18 stories
  • Industrial Employment – Allows towers, unspecified

If the subway extension to UBC is approved, these kinds of typologies are likely to be extended throughout Kitsilano and West Point Grey, with Jericho Lands as a station area development typology. 

Points to Consider:

  • Will create a concrete jungle with a canyon down Broadway. Think of downtown Georgia St.
  • Towers are the least affordable, sustainable and livable form of development, and not required to meet population growth.


  • Speculatively inflate land values and rents throughout the areas decades ahead of redevelopment that  displaces renters and homeowners alike.
  • Proposed renter protections will not work because most renters will be displaced or priced out well in advance of any redevelopment applications being submitted when the rental protections would apply.
  • The city and province using fees from tower development as a cash cow that adds to the costs of housing.
  • New units to own or rent more expensive and smaller than the older units being demolished, not suitable for families.



  • Lack of servicing and community amenities for the increased development and population, that development fee will not cover so require more property taxes and capital funding.
  • Towers will shadow parks all the way to the waterfront.


  • Not justified by census data – the City of Vancouver on average population increase is 1% per year
  • The Broadway Plan alone could amount to about 81% of the City’s population growth over the next 30 years in 7% of the City’s landmass.
  • Major growth corridors are an American model for large sprawling cities, not pre-war transit-oriented cities like Vancouver that were designed for the streetcar system with all areas walkable to an arterial. We just need more electric bus service throughout the arterial grid.
  • All of the transit investment for many generations is being put into only a few expensive development-oriented corridors instead of providing more affordable transit across the city and region.


Broadway Plan repeals current community plans

3D images of Broadway Plan

City Hall Rally Media:

City Hall Rally Video by Elvira Lount:

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