If you’re concerned about being locked out of school parks…

You’re not alone!

Tell the VSB you want Nelson Elementary field back!

Email the VSB Trustees, the Superintendent and GWAC:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Tell them:

Nelson is part of our community. School greenspace is public space. Reopen the field at Lord Nelson Elementary immediately.


Over a century ago, public space in Grandview Woodland was granted into the stewardship of the VSB with the understanding that it would be a shared community asset for use by the school community as needed and otherwise available to the broader community, including the students, outside of school hours.

Disturbingly, the greenspace at Lord Nelson was recently fenced and then locked off, without any consultation of the school community or broader community. This lack of consultation is disrespectful and unacceptable.

GWAC is asking that all locks on this space be immediately removed with the space left accessible to the public outside of school hours, pending further consultation on the issue.

You’re Invited to the GWAC AGM

Saturday, May 6th at 6PM


GWAC 2023 AGM – Saturday, May 6th at 6PM

Join us in-person at the Britannia CFEC room or via zoom for our GWAC Annual General Meeting

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Our Guest Speaker will be Professor Patrick Condon, the UBC James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments, with his presentation:

It’s all about the Dirt! – Why new density is a good thing, but unfortunately won’t lower prices

Much of current city policy, as embodied in the Broadway plan and the city-wide Vancouver plan is based on the presumption that insufficient housing supply is the reason for high prices.

Solution? Upzone the whole city for massive potential population and housing unit increases. Sadly, if your objective is more affordable housing, there is little evidence that this will help.

Come discuss the way forward for Vancouver with Professor Condon and GWAC. 

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