1885 E Pender St Rezoning Application

We would like your feedback on a rezoning application at 1885 E Pender St. The proposal is to allow for the development of a 6-storey social housing building for the Aaron Webster Housing Cooperative. The zoning would change from RM-4 (Residential) to CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District. This proposal includes:

  • 64 social housing units as defined by the City of Vancouver’s Zoning and Development Bylaw
  • A floor space ratio (FSR) of 2.92
  • A floor area of 4,805 sq. m (51,718 sq. ft.)
  • A building height of 19.5 m (64 ft.)
  • 29 vehicle parking spaces and 144 bicycle parking spaces

More info or Feedback here: https://shapeyourcity.ca/1885-e-pender-st
Public Hearing: May 18th, 2021


Open House: 1425 and 1451 East 12th Avenue (two 6-storey buildings) on February 4th

The City of Vancouver will hold an Open House on Tuesday, February 4th regarding a rezoning proposal for two 6-storey buildings at 1425 and 1451 East 12th Avenue. The event will be held between 5 pm and 8 pm at 2776 Semlin Drive (Lakeview Multicultural United Church).

The proposal seeks to add 157 seniors housing units, with a floor area of 97,779 sq ft (2.56 FSR), a height of 68 ft (20.7m) and with 33 underground parking spaces.

Further details are available on the City’s rezoning centre:

Rezoning sign (above) and one of the existing buildings on the site at 1425 East 12th Avenue (below)

2209-2249 East Broadway: 78 condo unit, 6-storey rezoning at Public Hearing January 23, 2020

The City of Vancouver has scheduled a Public Hearing on January 23, 2020 to consider whether to approve or reject a rezoning proposal for 2209-2249 East Broadway. A total of 87 condo units are proposed on a site assembly of 6 lots. A six storey building with a height of 70.5 ft (21.5m), a floor space ratio of 2.65 (64,465 sq. ft) and having a total of 95 underground parking spaces with access from the laneway is included in this rezoning application.

The Public Hearing starts at 6pm. Information on how sign up and speak to City Council is available at the top of the meeting agenda page: https://council.vancouver.ca/20200123/phea20200123ag.htm​. Letters can also be sent to publichearing@vancouver.ca regarding this rezoning.

While this item is #4 on the agenda, the first three items will likely take only a few minutes to review as those are very minor amendments. Hence 2209-2249 East Broadway will probably start with staff presentations between 6:15 and 6:45pm on Thursday, January 23rd at Vancouver City Hall (453 West 12th Avenue at Cambie). Links to the application, staff report and other resources are below.

The staff report regarding this proposal is available here (the last two pages contain a technical summary):
It is worth noting that a CAC (Community Amenity Contribution) of $1,112,327 has been proposed, but this has not been directly allocated. The CAC is “to support delivery of the Grandview-Woodland Public Benefit Strategy”. As such, the CAC could be sequestered by the City for years and not released for immediate use if the application were to be approved.

The plans and other technical details for the rezoning application can be found here:

A policy report that the City is referencing is the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan. Section “6.7.3 Broadway East Multi-Family” on page 119 of the plan describes setbacks, heights and other criteria.

​The Final Report of the Citizens’ Assembly on the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan contained the following direction regarding this site:
“16.23: We recommend a limit of four storeys residential along Broadway from Semlin Drive to Garden Drive. We recommend a limit of three storeys residential along the north side of East 10th Avenue from Semlin Drive to Garden Drive. See 16.12 for important recommendations about limiting impact of new developments on existing residents. “

Area -wide rezoning at Public Hearing continues Jan 28, 2020, 3pm (Nanaimo / Kitchener / Charles St), Grandview-Woodland Community Plan amendments

Update: The Public Hearing for this item will now be on Tuesday, January 28th starting at 3pm. There are two other items on the Council agenda that will precede it, so it might only come up to Council review around 4:45-5:15pm. Speakers can still sign up and correspondence can still be sent in to Council before this meeting.

The City of Vancouver has scheduled a Public Hearing to start on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 6pmthat includes proposed changes to the zoning of a number of properties around Kitchener, Garden, Charles and Nanaimo Street. (to C-2 and RM-8A) [this hearing will reconvene on the 28th of January]

As well, a large number of amendments to the text of the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan are considered in that same rezoning item. Those amendments would cover many different parts of the neighbourhood and not just the the areas being rezoned.

Anyone interested in speaking to Council can sign up at the following page:

The full text of the proposed changes are here. Please see Appendix A and B for proposed changes in the language of the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan as well as in the illustrations.

The City also include a City Block at Nanaimo, East 12th Avenue, Kamloops and North Grandview Hwy for an area wide as part of this document (rezoned proposed to RM-12A). This block was still within the City’s designated Grandview Plan area although it is in the Renfrew-Collingwood Neighbourhood.

Safeway site 3 tower rezoning review at November 4, 2019 GWAC meeting

Learn more about the proposal to put three towers on the site of the Safeway at 1780 East Broadway.

The GWAC meeting on Monday, November 4th at 7pm (Britannia, Learning Resource Centre) will examine this rezoning application in much detail. Guest speakers will provide an overview of the application as well as information about the plan and context. This is not the first proposal for towers around Commercial and Broadway, a former GWAC board member will provide an overview of a previous tower proposal that did not go ahead. As well, guest speakers from the Norquay community will discuss the 3 tower rezoning at 2220 Kingsway and how this related to their local neighbourhood plan.

The City of Vancouver received the rezoning application for the Safeway site on June 12, 2019; it was recently made public. The tallest of the three proposed towers is 102.1metres (335 feet) in height.

The City’s rezoning application webpage contains further links on the proposal: 

1st and Clark proposal at Development Permit Board on October 28, 2019

The City of Vancouver’s Development Permit Board will review the proposal to put a 10-storey building at East 1st Avenue and Clark Drive on Monday, October 28th. Members of the public are welcome to sign up and speak at City Hall.

Meeting details will be posted on the City’s website here:

Details on the application are available here:

The Development Permit Board (DPB) can choose to approve or reject a proposal. In the past, the DPB has rejected projects including 105 Keefer, and the DPB has also reduced the height of a project (the Arbutus Ridge development went from 5-storeys to 4-storeys).

1535-1557 Grant Street Public Hearing continues Sept 17th, September GWAC Meeting on Rezoning Application

[Update: the Public Hearing will reconvene on Tuesday, September 17th 6pm, details below]

A proposal for a 5-storey building at 1535-1557 Grant Street is going to Public Hearing. Find out more about this rezoning at the GWAC monthly meeting on Monday September 9th (7pm at the Learning Resource Centre under the Britannia Library). Guest speakers will provide background and analysis on this proposal; there will be plenty of time for questions and discussions.

The City of Vancouver has scheduled a Public Hearing to reconvene on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 (starting at 6pm, Vancouver City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue). Residents can still sign up to speak and express their views to the Mayor and Council before and at the time of the Public Hearing, as well as send in letters (update: the Public Hearing started on September 12th, and Council is still hearing from speakers when it reconvenes, new speakers are allowed to sign up). Further information on this rezoning proposal is available online.
email contact for sending correspondence and to sign up: publichearing@vancouver.ca.

The proposal calls for a building of a height of 5 storeys (maximum 56.7ft.), with 35 market rental units, 23 parking spaces, a Floor Space Ratio of 2.19 (over 4 consolidated lots) with a total floor area of 28,591 sq. ft. (2,656.1 sq.m). The applicant is also asking for full waiver of Development Cost Levies and Community Amenity Contributions. There are no affordable rental or social housing units proposed.

This proposal does not meet the minimum requirements in the the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan for consideration for rezoning in the policies listed in Section 6.4.1; one clear policy is a requirement for a 20′ front yard setback that is not met as the applicant is proposing only a 12′ setback. This rezoning was not supported by the City’s Urban Design Panel (4-3 vote against). The UDP is a board which serves as an advisory body to City Council and staff. There’s a very strong emphasis on providing “affordable market rental housing” in the Community Plan; affordability is mentioned numerous times.

This block on the north side of Grant Street does not have a laneway and the site of the proposal backs directly onto lots that face Kitchener Street. This section of Grant Street is narrow and has a significant slope. If approved, this rezoning has a potential to set a precedent for similar large scale proposals. There’s a petition created by residents around this area that has more information on the rezoning:

​The existing RM-4 zoning on the site allows for a maximum height of 10.7m (35.1 ft.)* and total area of 18,939sq. ft. (1,759.5sq. m which is a floor space ratio of 1.45). The Staff Report on the rezoning lists the following proposed starting rents:

* RM-4 Zoning Bylaw on height
4.3 Height
4.3.1 The maximum height of a building shall be 10.7 m, but no portion of the building shall extend above an envelope formed by a vertical line measuring 7.3 m in height at the north property line and a plane formed by an angle of 30 degrees measured from the horizontal and having its vertex at the maximum building height permitted at the north property line.

Rezoning Application at 2209-2249 East Broadway, Open House on Monday, April 1st

The City of Vancouver will be showing information at an Open House related to a rezoning application at 2209-2249 East Broadway (block between Lakewood and Garden Drive). This Open House event will be held on Monday, April 1st between 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm Vancouver Technical Secondary School (2600 East Broadway, Cafeteria). A total of 87 condo units are proposed in a building with a height of 65ft (19.8m), 95 underground parking spaces and a Floor Space Ratio of 2.65. Further details can be found on the City’s website.

February 20-21, 2019 Public Hearing 1636 Clark Drive and 1321-1395 East 1st Avenue

Update: The Public Hearing will reconvene on Thursday, February 21st at 3pm to hear from remaining speakers. Anyone who wishes to address Council on this proposal can sign up to speak before 3pm or in person at City Hall.

The Public Hearing for the proposed detox centre, sobering facilities, social enterprise space and low-moderate income housing complex proposed at 1st Avenue and Clark Drive is scheduled to take start on February 20, 2019 starting at 6pm at Vancouver City Hall. Information on the Public Hearing for 1636 Clark Drive and 1321-1395 East 1st Avenue and details on how to send in correspondence and how to sign up to speak are contained in the meeting agenda: https://council.vancouver.ca/20190220/phea20190220ag.htm

The proposed building would take the length of a City block, in a form that goes up to 120’ in height with an overall density as measured in Floor Space Ratio of 3.15. More details of this rezoning are online on the City’s webpage: rezoning.vancouver.ca/applications/1636clark/index.htm

GWAC’s response to the 1st Avenue and Clark proposal is available at this link: http://www.gwac.ca/news/gwacs-response-to-the-1st-and-clark-proposal

The minutes of the June 4, 2018 GWAC meeting contain further information on the proposal.
Additional details on the proposal and on City policy are available via the links below.

Grandview-Woodland Community Plan
Memorandum of Understanding

Model of proposal as presented at Open House