Community Plan

Photo by Jacob Waskow

Grandview-Woodland Community Plan

The City of Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodland Community Plan (GWCP) was passed by a majority vote by Council on July 28, 2016. Information on the plan as passed can be found at .

The links and material below are for reference to document the steps along the way.

  Citizens’ Assembly
The above link will take you to the Citizens’ Assembly website.  The membership, the principles and the agenda for the ten month duration of the Assembly are all available there.

City of Vancouver Grandview-Woodland Community Plan
The above link will take you to the City’s website section on Grandview-Woodland.  There is a good deal of history and many documents.

Emerging directions: Download file June 13 Open House Board Land Use Map

Densification: Options, Opportunities & Consequences meeting held on Sept 10th, 2014

Dr. Condon offers a clear explanation of what he believes is mistaken in Vancouver’s urban planning and provides an alternative path to greater sustainability.