Citywide Parking Permits

Residents who want to weigh in on the proposal have until Feb. 28 to fill out a survey on the city’s website.
That feedback will be reviewed, and used to focus a second round of consultation this spring.
A final proposal is anticipated to arrive at city council by the summer.

Help us build a cleaner, healthier city while better managing street space.
In November 2020, Vancouver City Council directed staff to explore a citywide residential parking program with a carbon surcharge as part of the (External link)(External link)Climate Emergency Action Plan(External link)(External link)(External link).
The program would help us reduce pollution while addressing current and future parking issues in a growing, changing city. It would:

  • Make it easier for residents, visitors, and service providers to find parking
  • Encourage people buying new vehicles to choose electric ones
  • Enable space to be converted to other uses like wider sidewalks, green infrastructure and public space

In general, residents would need a permit to park on the street. Permits in new zones would have a low base rate, with additional fees for polluting vehicles built after the program comes into effect.