West Coast Reduction – Plans to Increase Emmissions

You know that foul cloying odor of cooked rotten flesh, sulfurous rotten eggs, and burned hair and bones that drifts over and sometimes hangs in the neighborhood in nice weather in the summer? Well, it’s set to get worse.
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In 2010, after years of campaigning by the neighborhood to get West Coast Reduction (WCR) to control the odours coming from the plant at the foot of Commercial Drive the B.C. Environmental Appeal Board rejected calls for stricter odor limits coming from the plant.
The plant processes animal waste including fish, bones, fat, blood, and feathers, with the odor drifting across our neighbourhood sometimes as far as Penticton or Slocan Streets.
In recent years the situation finally improved somewhat when the odours have only occurred during the nicest weather carried into the neighbourhood by the westerly winds common during fair weather. Now with the permit extension application, the company intends to increase its emissions output.
In the application West Coast Reduction states that it plans to increase emissions of Ammonia from 1.692 tonnes per year to 2.16 tonnes, Nitrogen oxides (NOx) from 52.782 tonnes to 67.534, Sulphur Oxides (SOx) from 1.082 to 1.384, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from 2.901 tonnes to 3.712, Total Particulate Matter from 42.555 tonnes to 49.899 tonnes and Methane from 102.234 tonnes to 126.257 tones.
In addition, they wish the permit period to extend for 15 years from 2021 to 2036
If you wish to provide comments on this application, you may do so by either:
Email to WestcoastReductionComments@metrovancouver.org;
webform by visiting www.metrovancouver.org and searching for “Air quality Notification” then clicking on Westcoast Reduction Ltd.; or by regular mail to
Environmental Regulation and Enforcement Division
Metro Vancouver
4730 Kingsway,
Burnaby, B.C.,
V5H 0C6