Learning & Community Growth – Britannia Renewal (April 20th)

Presentation: Learning & Community Growth with Åsa Kachan, Chief Librarian and CEO Halifax Public Library

Thursday April 20th, 2017, 7pm
Britannia Branch, Vancouver Public Library

“Libraries still continue to provide the books and materials as we always have, but it is by bringing the community together and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and ideas and perspectives that we lift our community up individually and collectively. When that happens, we’ve truly succeeded as a library.” – Åsa Kachan

Åsa Kachan is Chief Librarian & CEO for Halifax Public Libraries. An innovative, strategic and collaborative leader, Åsa has a passion for libraries and a demonstrated understanding of what it takes to serve diverse communities. “It’s such an exciting time to be working in libraries,” says Åsa Kachan, “Our role is evolving beyond the distribution of materials. We are increasingly becoming a hub for creativity and the heart of our community.”
Halifax’s new Central Library which opened in 2014 to rave reviews and draws large crowds on a daily basis has been dubbed “One of the 10 most beautiful libraries in the world.” by Wired Magazine.
Åsa has a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario. Over her career she has held leadership positions in public libraries and universities. Åsa became the Chief Librarian & CEO for Halifax Public Libraries in 2014


Britannia on the list of Possible Schools the VSB is Considering for Closure – July 6th meeting

Britannia Community Services Centre is hosting a meeting for folks to discuss actions in response to the recommended closure of Britannia Secondary School.

Wednesday, July 6 at 6:00pm
Canuck Family Education Centre
2nd floor, 1655 William Street

This is not a GWAC sponsored event, but an issue of deep interest to many in our community. Further details are available on the Facebook page of the Britannia Community Services Centre.

In Review: Rumours of School Closures Swirl in East Vancouver. Worried Residents Met with VSB Officials on April 4th

GWAC held a forum on the future of our schools on April 4th. Members of the community had an opportunity to receive answers from School Board Trustees about the upcoming budget and about the Long Term Facilities Plan. The meeting minutes are posted below for reference.

Further information and opportunities for public comment are available at the Vancouver School Board’s website.
https://vsbengagement.wordpress.com/  (Long Term Facilities Plan)
http://www.vsb.bc.ca/node/6516   (Budget)

Future of Our Schools Meeting Minutes

Grandview Woodland Area Council

April 4, 2016

The meeting opened with an introduction to the new GWAC Board: Dorothy Barkley (President), Zakir Suleman (Vice-President), Petronella VanderValk (Treasurer), Dana Cromie (Membership Secretary), Jim Fraser & Kathleen Piovesan (Recording Secretaries), Steve Bohus (Social Media), Cindy Brenneis (Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods Rep), Craig Ollenberger (Chair of Transportation Committee), David Carman & Bing Jensen (welcoming and sign in), Len Paul (member at large)

The primary agenda for the evening was the budget shortfall and budget cuts currently being considered at the Vancouver School Board and the potential impact of school closures on the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood.

In attendance representing the Vancouver School Board and the District Parents Advisory Council were:

  • VSB Chair Mike Lombardi and Vice Chair Janet Fraser
  • Penny Noble and Christopher Richardson, Trustees
  • Farah Shroff, Vice-Chair of the District Parent Advisory Council, and her son, Arman speaking about the impact of school closures from his perspective as a student

Patti Bacchus, Allan Wong, and Joy Alexander also attended as audience members rather than speakers.


Mike Lombardi:

The Vancouver School Board is on 3 big tracks until the end of June 2016: the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP), including 6 consultations sessions and an online survey (found at https://vsbengagement.wordpress.com/) to set facilities plans from now to 2030; the budget process, which will be finished by April 28th; and the strategic planning process, which will set goals and visions for the next 5 years. 

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Rumours of School Closures Swirl in East Vancouver: Worried Residents to Meet with VSB Officials on April 4th at 7pm

After last week’s news about shortfalls and budget cuts at Vancouver School Board, East Vancouver parents and residents are left wondering if their schools will be mothballed.
On Monday, April 4th the Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) is hosting a public meeting with:

  • VSB Chair Mike Lombardi and Vice Chair Janet Fraser
  • Farah Shroff, Vice Chair District Parent Advisory Council & 1st Vice Chair BCCPAC
  • Timme Zhao, VSB Student representative.

GWAC president Dorothy Barkley said that her neighbours are worried: “We want to know what’s happened in Vancouver to create this situation where schools could be closed. We want to know how this will impact Grandview Woodland and East Van, when decisions will be made and how we can minimize the impact on our community. We meet Monday to discuss how our neighbourhood/parents can influence these decisions?”

GWAC director Jim Fraser notes that: “Grandview Woodland has the largest urban aboriginal population many special needs children as well as children living in poverty and would be most vulnerable to the loss of resources.” ​

Public event – media welcome

What: Grandview Woodland Area Council public meeting to discuss school closures
When: Monday April 4, at 7:00 pm
Where: Learning Resources Centre @ Britannia Community Centre (under the Library)